February 6, 2013

Aloft Hotels Videos - Creative Direction, Videography, Music

Closely working with Starwood Hotels & Resorts to conceive an entirely new hotel experience, from creating the name itself, to conceptualizing the brand’s overall direction, to creating a comprehensive style guide for all visual materials.

Lead a team to create a fully integrated campaign that includes marketing/promotional materials, social media marketing, brand videos, in-hotel collateral, online identity, even the Aloft brand song. The overwhelmingly positive customer feedback has proved we’ve established Aloft in the global hospitality market successfully.

Launched in 2008, there are already 
100+ Aloft Hotels around the world.

Work includes: Brand identityStyle guide | Collateral | Advertisement | Promotional items | Standard & rich media | Website design | Social media | Videography | Photography art direction | Illustration | Packaging

Agency: For RDA

Aloft Hotels Promotional Video | Creative Direction, Videography, Editing

Botlr the Robot Butlr at Aloft Hotels | Creative Direction, Videography, Editing

Live at Aloft Hotels | Creative Direction, Editing

Adventure of Aloftime | Creative Direction, Videography, Music

Adventure of Aloftime | Creative Direction, Videography, Music

Aloft reel | Creative Direction

Aloft Branding | Creative Direction, Music