September 5, 2014 ,,

COSTA RICA : PURA VIDA - Videography, Editing, Coloring

This video is the result of a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica. The trip started on the dry climate beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula, where peaceful waves and warm sun soothed lazy iguanas, turtles, and travelers like me in search of the perfect beach. After getting much needed sunshine and rest, we headed up to the rain forests of Monteverde, where sweeping views of massive tree canopies showed us just how ecologically diverse Costa Rica is. Driving around and watching the clouds rotate the wind turbines, passing by ranchers on their horses, picking up fruits at small stands along the way, I knew this was a very special place. And to know that all I saw that one week was just a small hint of what Costa Rica has to offer, I promised myself I’ll get back there very soon.

Costa Rica pt2