Sheraton Hotels - Creative Direction, Directing, Editing, Photography, Illustration

As part of Sheraton Hotels “Go Beyond” global campaign, a series of videos that capture Sheraton employees going beyond their roles and titles and making a bigger impact to other peoples lives.

Go Beyond Introduction

Illustrated and Directed this short introduction animation that was created as part of the “Go Beyond” campaign celebrating their employees efforts across the world. This video was shown in house to all employees of Sheraton worldwide to roll out the “Go Beyond” tagline and campaign.


Sheraton New Orleans Hotels | Helping Hands

Directed a series of short videos for Sheraton Hotels capturing acts of kindness by Sheraton employees that stood out across the globe. Part of the global “Go Beyond” brand campaign, these videos showcased the real stories that the campaign was inspired by.

Ms Rosemary was a survivor of the Katrina Hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2005. Afterwards, she moved up to Baton Rouge thinking it was safer then staying near the ocean. Shockingly, in 2016 her home was again destroyed by large scale flooding never before seen in the area. Sheraton Hotels of New Orleans partnered up with Habitat for Humanity to help the victims in the area. Ms Rosemary was kind enough to let us share her story.


Sheraton New York Hotel | A Tasteful Surprise

A customer and his son were visiting New York to attend the NY Wine & Food Festival, but to their disappointment they had to cancel their plans because the son was too young. To not let their trip be in vain, the team at Sheraton Times Square got together and created an special behind the scenes culinary experience at the hotel kitchen that rivaled the customers favorite show “Chopped”.


Sheraton Dallas Hotel | A Timely Rescue

Maria Barbosa is a housekeeper at the Sheraton Dallas property. One day while tidying up a room she noticed a customers doll was torn apart from wear and tear. She took it down to the maintenance room and sowed it back up and retuned it to a thankful customer and their happy daughter.


Sheraton Salta Hotel | A Most Creative Solution

Sebastian Garcia ( Director of Rooms ) at Sheraton Salta discovered upon having a brief conversation with a guest who is wheelchair bound that because of the carpet in the rooms, it’s difficult for his wife to help him get into the bed. Immediately after discovering this, he brain stormed with the hotel maintenance team to come up with a solution that can make their experience more comfortable and enjoyable.